Friday, September 22, 2017

Carol's Journal Week #8

I'm having so much fun with all the these color match washi tapes and hooray for my 8th week of kawaii journaling! It's seriously addicting guys... I think I might have tagged my mom along on this super fun hobby 'coz she's now asking me to buy her journal and a few stickers! Haha!

Also, let's take a moment here to realize that we're officially in Autumn! time flys!! Looking at beautiful Autumn season photos makes me miss Portugal so much... all the brown and orange colors and the smell of cinnamon and roasted chestnuts everywhere.. In Macau, we are far from all those memories as It's still plain Summer here! It's the worst season at the moment as we are facing never ending typhoon times and thunderstorms... and I can't wait for this terrible weather to be over as I'm sooo ready for Winter!

It's been very calm here at home... Lara has been going to school and I've been quietly working on my crafts...although slow as expected there is sure some progress! I'm currently editing and cropping photos to get ready for the tutorial so It may take a 2 -3 days or so before It's finally up at the shop. Thank you so much for your patience.. I promise it will be up, latest, by next week!

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