Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Free Embroidery Pattern - Galo de Barcelos

This month free project will be something rather different from what I am used to do. Introducing to you my first embroidery pattern for you to enjoy and a good excuse to practice those embroidery stitches ;).
There is a special day coming not only for me but for all the Portuguese people. 25th April marks the 43rd year of Portugal's Freedom Day.  In case you are wondering, the rooster in this pattern is one of Portugal's common emblem. And being half Portuguese myself, I found that including the Galo de Barcelos to celebrate this special day just fits the picture (or hoop!) perfectly. I added my crazy version to it but still preserving the classic hearts on the rooster and I'm so pleased of how it turned out!
Feel free to enjoy this super fun pattern by splashing it with lots of colors to celebrate freedom and unity! To fit into a 9"- 10"inch hoop, please download the PDF below by clicking on the link or simply saving the image below to resize it according to your preference.

Please be reminded that my free patterns are for personal use only.

Hope you enjoyed this month's project and I can't wait to see how yours turned out!

So that's it for now my dear friends...wishing you all a lovely week and hope you are celebrating your Easter holidays with your loved ones 💖 

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