Monday, March 27, 2017

Sunshine at last!

It seems that the gloomy weather is finally falling behind and It's a great opportunity for my beautiful Spring to come shine through. 
Took this photo this noon and this is my bedroom view... We wake up everyday to this beautiful "painting" that gives me the urge to go out and explore it. Down the hill is a small park called the Seac Pai Van Park...the home of 4 adorable giant pandas.. Yes, They're real... Big, cuddly, chubby pandas. My daughter calls it the Panda Park for short. The park has hiking trails that leads all the way up to the hill until the other side where the beach lays. I'm finding time to go out and get my adventurous side of me roam free but since that's not happening for now the other side of me wants to stay home and stay hooked up with some new work.
 Since I got a bit of spare time from the felts I finally took my sewing machine out of the box and started to get to know it better...experimenting it's functions and introducing myself to a whole new vocabulary. I've bought myself some fabrics and other sewing materials yesterday and started a new project that will remain my little secret for now. I'll show you all what it is some other time ;)

So till the next update <3
Stay well where ever you are. Till next time!

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