Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Free Pattern Of The Month - Mamegoma Sugar Cookie Ornament

Its December already?!! Gosh.. Is it me or time is just running way too fast? No wonder I can't finish any task during the day! 
So our lovely December has finally arrived.. that wonderful month of delicious ginger bread aroma lingering in all bakeries. Can we have a moment here and start to realize that Christmas is just less than 20 days from now?! How are you celebrating your Christmas this year?

As a little Christmas gift, I would like to give you all this lovely free pattern of one of my favorite Sanrio characters... the cute Mamegoma! Ahh those chubby little cheeks and bold big eyes! I changed it a bit by adding that little red bow to give it a little of that Christmassy spirit! But feel free to change it to any color you like!

Are you ready?
🎄 Main felts for Mamegoma ornament
🎄 Cottom embroidery floss to match chosen felts
🎄 Polyfil
🎄 Needles and scissors
🎄 2.5cm long of 3mm satin ribbon
🎄 Water-soluble pen
🎄 Universal Glue
🎄 15cm of bakers twine

Step 1.
Lay the 'Mamegoma' onto one 'Mamegoma background' cutout and applique stitch it in the center.

Step 2.
Applique stitch the 'snout' then lay the 'nose' on top and applique stitch as well.

Step 3. 
Draw Mamegoma's mouth with a water-soluble pen...

Step 4.
...then back stitch on the drawn lines.

Step 5. 
With a pink colored floss, use the satin stitch to the entire mouth.

Step 6.
Lay the 'eyes' and 'cheeks' and applique stitch them in place.

Step 7. 
Position the 'ribbon back' and applique on.

Step 8. 
Applique stitch the 'ribbon front' then lay the 'ribbon center' in place and applique as well. I doubled the 'ribbon center' cutouts to make it look 'puffy' and opaque. Its also a great way to conceal any background cutouts being visible.

Step 9.
Fold the ribbon in half and glue it in the middle of the other 'mamegoma background'.

Step 10. 
Combine both 'mamegoma backgrounds' and blanket stitch them together but leaving a small entry for the filling.

Step 11.
Lightly fill.

Step 12.
Insert the bakers twine through the little ribbon hoop. Combine both ends of the twine and make a knot.

And you're finish! i'm sure yous turned out adorable!

The pattern below is a png image so resize it to any size you want. My Mamegoma is approx 9cm x 9.5cm. 

Hope you all enjoy this mini tutorial and hope you'll have fun making it too!
Till then my friends!

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