Sunday, May 22, 2016

Hello From My New ( temporary) Home!

Hello Sweeties! I am extremely sorry for being away for such tremendous time without saying a word! Funny... I had the thought of going with the idea of posting every week to keep this blog consistent.. But I guess it's not happening for now and I'm so sorry!

Well, I believe some of you have noticed that I have stopped taking orders ( also stated a few blog entries ago)  for name banners/garlands due that I will be moving with my family to another country. So, I would like to make it official that I am currently living in Macao...My home country! It's been a month now and the family and cats are all settled well despite falling ill once in awhile because of the humidity and changes of weather ( where's my hot Singapore weather!)! I am living with my father until, me and my family, move out to our forever home ( can't wait!).

So because I am living temporarily with my father and staying in a small room, I am separated from my beloved craft materials :(...well not entirely... I have my felts, threads and beads with me so that I can keep myself occupied and finally working on my future projects that I am so excited to announce soon! It's going to be so much fun for you guys and I'm enjoying every moment doing this for you all!

Here's a small little sneak peek on what I'm currently working on!

In the next post, I'll be sharing with you all about my little tiny country, Macao! When the weather allows it, I'll take some time and snap some of my favorite places to go...and yes, some of them are craft related!

'Till then!

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