Saturday, January 3, 2015

Princess banner theme for little Chantelle

Another requested Princess theme but this time I got the opportunity to transform it into a garland. I really like this style because it adds another character and personality to the name and to the whole work itself.
Garlands are just perfect for long names like this one and I usually recommend my customers to choose this style if the name is longer than 7 letters. It would be such a challenge doing a 9 letter name into a banner.. the frustration of balancing everything with a ribbon is just huge as both ends of the name will start curling forward and nothing seems to go its place no matter how much hot glue you put! 

I was so happy with the result and the customer couldn't be more happy has the garland arrive its new home on Christmas eve ready to surprise little Chantelle :)

So thank you, Encantadorara for the patience and trust!

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